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Jenkins Gitlab Hook plugin updates

There have been a few changes to the Jenkins and the related Ruby runtime as of late. This has caused a few issues with the Gitlab Jenkins Hook plugin which have finally been resolved.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest plugin version v0.12.2 and Jenkins to the latest available version if possible. Otherwise, I would stay away from Jenkins v1.519 to v1.521 and the plugin version v0.2.7 to v0.2.11. If you are not experiencing any issues currently, that’s OK, this is related only to those that want some part of the system upgraded for whatever reason.

Also, the upgrade is recommended if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Failed to load HAML message – problem with Ruby Runtime on windows, details in issue #9
  • Failed to install the plugin – problem with Ruby Runtime and Jenkins v1.519 and  v1.520, details in issues #10#11, #12 and #13
  • Undefined method ‘getDefaultParametersValues’ – method gone private in Jenkins, details in issue #14
  • Build no longer triggering – plugin was not building non parametrized Jenkins projects, details in issue #15

  • Case insensitive repo URL matching



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