Wishful types

In the last exercise, there was some redundancy in the code I wished to eliminate.
For example, there is a type definition that defines possible week days:

@type weekday ::
  :monday |
  :tuesday |
  :wednesday |
  :thursday |
  :friday |
  :saturday |

So, someone invoking the meetup date calculation, would have to use one of the valid atoms for the desired day in the week.

Now, to match those agains Erlang’s calendar.day_of_the_week/1, I needed a way to match say :wednesday to 3, since day_of_the_week returns day number, not the atom fom above type.

An easy solution:

@weekdays %{
  :monday => 1,
  :tuesday => 2,
  :wednesday => 3,
  :thursday => 4,
  :friday => 5,
  :saturday => 6,
  :sunday => 7

No magic there, just repeat the atoms, map values from day_of_the_week on them, and off we go.

But, it would be much nicer if I could just do:

@weekdays weekday |> Enum.with_index(1) |> Enum.into(%{})

That would produce the exact same map, just in a dry way.

Another thing that could benefit from the same pattern was the schedule policy filtering.
So, say that we have a few functions we would like to map to a constant in the module and use like this:

@type schedule ::
  :first |
  :second |
  :third |
  :fourth |
  :last |

@schedules %{
  :first => &first/1,
  :second => &second/1,
  :third => &third/1,
  :fourth => &fourth/1,
  :last => &last/1,
  :teenth => &teenth/1

defp filter_by_schedule(dates, schedule) do
  @schedules[schedule] |> apply([dates])

defp first(dates) do
  dates |> hd

defp second(dates) do
  dates |> Enum.at(1)

defp third(dates) do
  dates |> Enum.at(2)

defp fourth(dates) do
  dates |> Enum.at(3)

defp last(dates) do
  dates |> Enum.reverse |> hd

defp teenth(dates) do
  dates |> Enum.find(fn({_, _, day}) ->
    day >= 13 && day <= 19

That way, the @schedules map would be a constant, and the code would be much cleaner. Also, it would be nice if I could also:

 @schedules schedule |> Enum.map(fn(sch) -> %{sch => __info__(:functions)[sch]} end) |> Enum.into(%{})

Unfortunately, couldn’t find a way to acomplish this. So, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

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