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Gitlabhq +1

About a few months ago, I had the opportunity to tryout and decide on the Git ecosystem. Out of the few existing solutions, like Gitorius and others, I finally settled on Gitlab. The setup procedure was pretty straight, although not as automated or easy as I would like it to be. Some work is done to speed up the process but for those in need or the impatient ones, you can always follow the default instructions, and apply additional recipes where needed.

Since then, the Gitlab web interface and the entire ecosystem kept running like a charm, no glitches and everyone is pretty much happy with it.

I’ve personally chosen to set it up on CentOS, for which there is a good guide, and in the above recipes you can find specifics for the given OS. Ruby compiling is what actually took the most time, but with the mentioned resources you shouldn’t have a hard time.

The only issue left is the project <=> user relation. Using LDAP for the domain , it integrates nicely with Gitlab, authentication wise. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically add projects to the new user based on some rule. A relation between LDAP groups and projects would be nice. I read that in the latest release there is support for project groups, so maybe this will solve the issue, have to try it out soon. For now, we settled on adding all projects to all user. A rake task is used for this:

desc "Add all users to all projects (admin users are added as masters)"
task :add_users_to_project_teams => :environment do |t, args|
  user_ids = User.where(:admin => false).pluck(:id)
  admin_ids = User.where(:admin => true).pluck(:id)

  Project.find_each do |project|
    puts "Importing #{user_ids.size} users into #{project.code}"
    UsersProject.bulk_import(project, user_ids, UsersProject::DEVELOPER)
    puts "Importing #{admin_ids.size} admins into #{project.code}"
    UsersProject.bulk_import(project, admin_ids, UsersProject::MASTER)

desc "Add user to as a developer to all projects"
task :add_user_to_project_teams, [:email] => :environment do |t, args|
  user = User.find_by_email args.email
  project_ids = Project.pluck(:id)
  UsersProject.user_bulk_import(user, project_ids, UsersProject::DEVELOPER)
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